Online Booking Information

Online Booking Information


Help, I can't book online!

1. If you can't book a table online for a certain time on a certain day, it may be that we are at maximum capacity for that time slot. You may still reserve a table online for 30 minutes before or after your desired time, in line with restaurant opening times.

2. If you cannot book a table at all for a certain session, either Lunch or Dinner, it will be because we are fully booked for the session in question. If it does appear that we are fully booked, do feel free to give us a ring on (01279) 757788 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

3. The maximum number of people that you can book online for the restaurant only is 6 people. If you would like to book a table for a larger number or for one of our private dining rooms, please phone us to reserve a table. 

Please note - If you want to amend a booking you have made online, please phone or email us to make changes.  For us to do so, we will be changing the original booking you have made (be it the time or numbers for the booking). Please refrain from cancelling your original booking. 


Once you have made an online booking, we receive an email to say that you have booked and it will also appear in our electronic diary. 

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