About Mi-cuit...

What is mi-cuit?

Our current Taste of Winter Menu (February 2015 at time of writing) includes the starter 'mi-cuit of salmon with pickled ginger and radish' a sumptuous dish of delicate flavours.

mi-cuit of salmon with pickled ginger and radish

But what exactly does the term mi-cuit mean? Roughly translated it means 'half-cooked' but that doesn't go anyway to describing how the dish is prepared or indeed its incredible texture.

Initially the salmon is immersed in brine, a water, salt and sugar combination for 1 hour. The fillet is then vacuum packed and cooked at 40 degrees in a water bath for a further hour. This technique is called 'sous vide' and cooks the protein only retaining moisture, colour and flavour. The salmon is then immersed into iced water halting the cooking process.

The finished texture of the salmon is soft and unctuous, rather like cooked sashimi. The delicious combination of delicate salmon with the pickled ginger are memorable, definitely one to try!

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