Our Evening as a Gin Palace


When looking for words to describe the aroma, touch and taste of gin on the tongue the word ‘energy’ does not immediately spring to mind. It was however the word used by Lizzie Bailey, Head Distiller at Hayman’s Gin when she turned the restaurant into a Gin Palace for the evening.

Gosh she was right!

The energy of gin. It’s a concept worth engaging with, as it will reward you, and then some.

We invited Lizzie to present her products at Luke’s Cooking Club as a Local Supplier. She came armed with 6 gins from the Hayman’s range, a mini copper still, some brilliant anecdotes and a picture of ‘Marjory’ the huge still at the distillery that all Hayman’s gin is lovingly produced from.

Lizzie guided our guests with passion and authority through a history of gin as well as describing how to taste the different gins in order to differentiate and understand their unique qualities. She showed us how to tip the glass and take the delicate bouquet from the top rim revealing light citrus notes and then to pass the nose down to the bottom rim to take in the spicier, deeper qualities.

“Always approach a glass with caution,” Lizzie told us, “you never know what’s in it.” Indeed it might be the Navy strength Royal Dock that, at 57% fair takes the breath away!

Lizzie also explained the reason for such an incredibly high alcoholic content in Navy strength gin. This was due to the inclusion of gin as cargo on the vessels of the British Royal Navy. Only gin at 50% or above will allow gunpowder to continue to ignite if the gin was unfortunately spilt upon it. It also gave the sailors plenty of ‘Dutch courage’ but that’s another story….

Questions were welcomed and the question of the night was “Do you have to sterilise Marjory?”

“No” came the answer once the laughter had died down. Marjory has developed a special surface layer through time that serves to enhance the unique flavour of Hayman’s products.

We found a new product too, the utterly fabulous Hayman’s Gin Liqueur. Pioneered by Hayman’s this is a subtly sweet, sublime liquid that we urge you to try. Neat or over ice it was enjoyed by everyone in the room and will now be stocked in our Bar together with a London Dry gin and Hayman’s Old Tom.

We will be asking Lizzie to join us for a further tasting of the Hayman’s range later in the year, with maybe some ideas for a few Christmas Cocktails.

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