Cheese Heaven

After thinking about the presentation for a Cooking Club based on cheese, Chef and Sue decided that at least some of the time should be devoted to a straightforward tasting of some English Artisan cheeses as well as Chef’s regular cooking demonstration. The range and depth of choice is now so vast that they decided they would need help and where better to go to decide on their selection than ‘The Cheese Plate’ in Buntingford? Here, Owner Toby presides over what must be one of the finest ranges of cheese available in the South East.

So it was that Sue and Chef found themselves in Buntingford on a Monday morning propped on one of Toby’s window seats in a virtual ‘Cheese Lock-in’ with rain and thunder beating on the windows. They could not have been happier!

‘The Cheese Plate’ is cheese Heaven. Toby provides you with a stream of detailed knowledge on each and every cheese explaining how the taste can change with or without an accompaniment as well as suggesting some delicious and unusual drinks to enjoy with different cheeses.

The decision on the final 4 cheeses to show was difficult but Chef and Sue got there in the end with the choice of College White, a camembert style cheese with a truffle butter running through being a particular favourite with the Cooking Club guests on the day. Toby suggested serving this cheese with an apricot and cranberry chutney and the combination was delicious, the truffle showing at the end but not in an overpowering way.

However the find of the day for Sue was an Iced Cider from Burrow Hill in Somerset. Naturally concentrated when ice crystals are removed from apple juice following freezing, the juice is allowed to further ferment creating a stunning full flavoured cider just perfect served over ice to accompany blue cheese. A wonderful drink and at only 13% a great alternative to Calvados, it is sure to appear on the Restaurant List soon as well as being shown at Chef’s Table.

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