Hang on a minute - some of our customers are missing!!!

In the fifteen years that I have worked at the Lemon Tree we have had many occasions of people being in the wrong place at the wrong time or simply lost. One instance was when a Lady booked a party of 20 ladies recently having looked at our website and menus only to turn up at The Lemon Tree in Colchester instead! My absolute favourite story of ‘lost souls’ happened quite recently and still makes us all smile now.

We were hosting a wedding party and they had strolled across from the registry office a few hundred metres away.  The bride was Japanese and her parents had flown over for the wedding and had worn full Japanese national dress. The bride’s mother wore a beautiful Kimono which was tightly bound around her legs and it was deemed that even though it is only a short distance to walk it was too far to shuffle! A cab was ordered and this would usually take a few minutes to negotiate the Bishop’s Stortford’ s one way system but concern mounted when they failed to arrive for the champagne reception and the Best man was dispatched to find them.  After an hour desperate calls were made to the cab company as there was no sign of them. Eventually all became clear, the poor couple didn’t speak a word of English and had very strong accents and the driver had misheard the request for The Lemon Tree as Braintree!! They were  eventually located on the A120 just outside the Essex town! They managed to find their way back but the cab fare was huge and all the guests very hungry. There was a strong Welsh contingent  amongst the guests and they used the extra time to their best advantage by imbibing a few extra drinks and consequently the speeches were hilarious and it was one the best receptions we have ever had!


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