Behind the Dish - Macerated Strawberries with Clotted Cream Ice Cream

This dish celebrates the coming together of fabulous ideas and creativity from all the chefs in the kitchen. The dish is in three parts: macerated strawberries and raspberries, meringue, and clotted cream ice cream. Each part has a small story on it's own, but perhaps our favourite part of the dish, the clotted cream ice cream, came about after having ordering a touch too much clotted cream for an afternoon tea party. Our pastry chef decided to mix the clotted cream with a batch of vanilla ice cream and, oh boy, what a discovery! We loved it so much that it just had to go on the menu! But, what with? All the chef's huddled around and put their heads together.


“We've got some macerated strawberries and raspberries from the poached rhubarb on the menu, they would be nice with the ice cream.”


“And how about a few meringue shards? Just to add a bit of sweetness to the strawberries.”


Five minutes later, after a bit of experimentation and trial and error, the dish was born! This dish best illustrates the coming together of creativity and also expresses the highlights of Britain's produce with a Lemon Tree twist!


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